What am I doing now?

Inspired by Derek Sivers, which will be updated from time to time. What is a now page?

Furlough opportunity

As you’ll have noticed, I’ve been spending some time getting my website in order and relaunching it. It’s actually been quite a nice project while stuck at home, and has added some clarity to what I do. I have constantly been tearing myself between freelance/business, and now I feel like this draws a line to say “JDG is me”.

I am furloughed from my work on Love Rugby League – which at least gives me some more time to work on other things.

Currently working on a project for the Northern Premier League which has been around 12 months in the making.

Also fighting the trials and tribulations of the non-league football season having been suspended and declared null and void, and all the negativity and uncertainty that has ensued.

I have got some extra capacity for content or consultancy if you need anything get in touch!

Home and health

Outside of work, I am trying to look after my mental and physical health a bit more – drinking lots more water, doing daily exercise and cutting out snacks, with the aim of losing a stone or so in weight.

Given the lockdown, a lot more time is being spent playing FIFA – a glorious remotely played two-player career mode as Grimsby Town – and Championship Manager 01/02 (the old ones are the best).

Last updated: April 16, 2020