Crosfields 1-11 Bruche

Crosfields went down to yet another defeat and you can see why after they put in a terrible performance against high-flyers Bruche on Tuesday night.

The first half performance was okay but in the second half they fell apart and to make it worse they lost ‘keeper Stuart Hitchen through a leg injury. He was replaced in goal by defender Greg Murray who showed a lot of spirit even when he was beaten. Crosfields defended well at time but as three of them stepped up to play offside one was always left behind and played the strikers on side.

At the other end Crosfields didn’t create many chances and their goal came from the penalty spot. Josh Grimward scored the penalty even though the tackle was made well outside the box. Crosfields are very low on confidence and most of the results don’t reflect their ability but they really do need a win to get the confidence they need for next season and of course the end of this season.

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