It’s that time of year again

With the new football season now just a week away, and the Premier League a fortnight away, it’s that time of the year where you need to finalise those all important Fantasy Football teams ahead of the opening weekend.

Do you go for a few expensive bankers (Torres, Lampard, Rooney) combined with a load of Titus Bramble’s, or do you risk going for an all-round team and hope that the striker you’ve picked from a promoted side does the business?

I always do the Daily Mirror Fantasy Football, mainly because it is what my dad’s work competition uses. I finished 2nd out of 200+ a few years ago, not a bad effort.

I am also to thank for my dad winning it a few times in its ten year history, with such shrewd tips as Juan Pablo Angel (in his prolific first full season at Villa, which came after a six month lean spell) and Andy Johnson (who bagged goals for fun with Crystal Palace).

Over the years, the development of the internet has meant it’s basically a case of who can be bothered to do transfers every week, which disappoints me. I’m a fan of how my dad has always managed it – you’re allowed just three transfers, and they can only be done over the Christmas period (they come in to force on January 1st).

As it is, most competitions turn in to boring ones, with everyone having mainly the same players (e.g. Ronaldo, Gerrard).

It should all be about that original team selection, and unearthing the gem that wins you the money.

So here’s who I’ve plumped for this year…

I’ve gone quite “big six” in my team (if you swap Villa for City). Greg Halford might chip in with the odd goal, while Clint Dempsey was one of the top scorers last season.

Arshavin rates as my favourite player in the world right now, while I fancy Robin Van Persie to score Arsenal’s goals this season in the absence of Adebayor. With no Gerrard in the team, Lampard and Torres had to step up.

And Michael Owen is set for a prolific season at United, I’m sure.

Who’s in your team?

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