The Five Pound Football Club

Sports ownership presents a number of challenges in the modern age, but there are an increasing number of community owned clubs, including the Five Pound Football Club.

Based on a similar idea to the MyFootballClub concept, which now owns Ebbsfleet United, the community own Welsh football league side Monmouth Town Football club.

For just £5, you can become part of the ownership – just as we have done – giving you all the latest news, match reports and highlights from Monmouth’s games, as well as giving you the change to read, rate and respond to the goings on within the club.

All owners then decide on how to invest the funds, with the option always being there for you to invest more in the club to increase your authority and help you to create a legacy for yourself.

JDG Media’s James Gordon said: “As sport lovers, this was a good opportunity to own a little bit of a club. It ties in well with the sport services that we offer, and we hope that we can utilise these with Monmouth Town moving forward.

“Maybe one day we’ll be able to own a sports club outright ourselves!”

Find out more about the Five Pound Football Club at

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