Appleton 8-1 Crosfields

Crosfields started brightly yet again but failed to continue their form from the start and lost this league game played on a marvellous pitch. Craig Anthony scored a brilliant early goal for the visitors and it shocked Appleton.

Crosfields dominated play for a while but it wasn’t long before Appleton equalised. Crosfields were determined to recover from last week’s poor performance and they did. At half time though Appleton led 4-1.

In the second half Crosfields struggled to keep their defence tight and Appleton’s big centre forward scored a few goals after some good runs through the middle. Stuart Hitchen the Crosfields goalkeeper made some excellent saves and saved a penalty in the first half and he inspired Crosfields who created some chances with Anthony especially looking sharp. Crosfields were unlucky not to score again and even more so when Appleton scored two goals in quick succession after a defensive mistake by substitute Liam Williams.

Appleton, just above Crosfields in the league table, was very pleased with the result but they did go over the top and rubbed it in by chanting ‘we are the champions’. They’re not that good and Crosfields proved it. The final score didn’t reflect on a spirited Crosfields performance but it ended 8-1.

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