Bold move as Stanza goes premium

If you’re subscribed to your team’s fixtures, there’s every chance you’ve done so via Stanza.

It has become the go-to app for many sports teams, giving them the facility to simply add and update their fixtures and give fans the ability to subscribe at the click of a button.

Almost 500 million events have been synced to calendar using Stanza – who recently made the bold move to scrap their free service for clubs at least (fans will still be able to subscribe for free), charging a minimum of $8 a month.

This is likely to hit the media and marketing people at clubs, who often struggle to get even the most minuscule of overheads passed.

Stanza say the alternative was advertising, but that didn’t fit with their model.

It is an admirable step, and there’s no doubt that having your club’s fixtures permanently synced and updating to an ever-building number of fans is a huge positive for any sports marketer.

Whether its ease of use is worthwhile not having to create and share a calendar yourself manually, remains to be seen.

It would be interesting to hear from any clubs who have decided to move away from Stanza due to this change. Leave a comment below if that’s you!

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