Cromwell 12-2 Crosfields

Crosfields were beaten yet again although they put up a good battle. In the first half Cromwell started well and they took a four goal lead although as least one should have been disallowed for offside. The fourth goal was a gem from Cromwell. A great run from the Cromwell’s number seven Stuart Williams was finished by Cromwell’s number ten.

Josh Grimward pulled one back for Crosfields involving the whole midfield line. In the end Sherlock found Grimward in miles of space and Grimward tucked the ball under the goalkeepers body. There were three more goals before half time but only one of them went to Crosfields. A neat left foot finish from midfielder/striker John Baker after Liam Williams had laid it on. In the second half Crosfields kept on battling but when Cromwell scored their seventh, the game was over.

The referee though was very poor and he have some weird decisions which were disputed by parents of Crosfields on the sideline. If the referee had been better perhaps this game would have been much closer and to make things worse he gave a penalty to Cromwell when Mark Sherlock was adjudged to have brought a Cromwell player down. It was never a penalty as Sherlock was nowhere near the player. The penalty was put away and Crosfields were beaten heavily yet again. The full time score from Mary Ann Meadows was Cromwell 12, Crosfields 2.

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