Newton 10-1 Crosfields

After last weeks postponement Crosfields came back this week with fresh legs after a two week break. On an awful pitch where the grass was as long as Chris Kirby’s laces, Crosfields lost 10-1 but remain somehow off the bottom.

It was just a matter of how many on a pitch that the home side was used to and the away side wasn’t. Mark Sherlock scored a vital goal for Crosfields as that keeps them off the bottom on goal difference. Crosfields finished the game with ten men after Daniel French got injured in the last couple of minutes. Newton didn’t deserve to win by that many but as the confidence is so low in the Crosfields dressing room there is no wonder why they are getting hammered each week. You can tell that their morale is down from their body language, actions and their tendency of giving up when the opposition go five or six goals up.

Crosfields manager Chris Kirby will have to get his team together at Tuesday’s training session if they are to pull off a shock win over Solvay league leaders Vulcan on Sunday in the first round of the Transicold Cup. Final score from St Aldred’s High School field is Newton 10, Crosfields 1.

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