Football and bingo

When you think of football and bingo together the only links that may come to mind for you is that they’re two very British pastimes. If you try to link the two beyond being British then you will more likely find more differences than anything else, unless you consider that fans of the two games like a tipple.

Believe it or not the links do not end there. Both have become much closer than you would expect through sponsorship deals.

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Football supporting the bingo industry

While online bingo is booming right now and bingo halls themselves have struggled in comparison, the game of bingo is still played in halls and clubs.

Bingo has become a great way for charity events and football clubs to promote whatever it is they wish to promote. With this may come an appearance of your favourite player, sometimes just to pose for photographs but on occasions they will appear as guest bingo callers.

Bingo has always been a great way for local football clubs to get residents involved that otherwise wouldn’t get involved much in football and help to support their local club. Not only does this help your local football club but also the bingo venue where it is held.

Bingo sponsorship of the football industry

Financial fair play rules have really come into prominence in the football world over the past few years. It’s not so easy for the clubs with wealthy owners to just go out and spend big to win trophies anymore. Football clubs now must spend within their means, as a result sponsorship deals have become hugely important to football clubs revenue. No longer is just a shirt sponsor that generates a large chunk of the income, now you have stadium sponsors, training kit sponsors and an abundance of billboard sponsors.

Bingo sponsors have been a lucrative choice for football clubs before with Coventry City and Sunderland both enjoying excellent partnerships with bingo companies in the past.

These partnerships can really help to boost the profile of a football club to a much more diverse audience and with bingo moving largely to the online market, it remains to be seen which of the big football clubs might try to take advantage of this in the near future.

We are already seeing some major clubs look to utilise the booming popularity of the online casino world as the likes of West Ham United, Newcastle, Fulham and Everton have made partnerships with Betway, Fun 88, Dafabet and Sport Pesa respectively.

Furthermore, with so many online casino sites now creating their own online bingo sections, surely it’s only a matter of time before a bingo site makes its way onto the shirt of one of the major teams in the English game.

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In conclusion

There is no doubt that football and bingo are very British but now with their sponsorship links through the years and particularly more recently, the two have come much closer together. The two have links dating back many years but what the future holds for the two together is the most exciting part.

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