Live Sports Innovation launch features

BT Sport has recently taken the initiative to enhance sports viewers personal experience by using technology to innovate their sports viewership. There is no doubt that this comes at a sincerely great time, especially since the world of sports today has continuously been under a struggle, with the demands and consequences of the pandemic. 

Despite all the issues around the world, fans have always been able to enjoy their latest sport fixtures and soccer odds. However of course, with cancellations and delays, this does take a toll on the degree of sports that fans will be able to enjoy there. The new momentum bought by BT sport will surely provide a better solution to the limbo we all face now.

Sports events on the TV are one of the most watched live events to ever take priority to viewers and audiences around the world. This year has seen fake crowd noises, as remote productions of sport events are showcased, it is clear this year has pushed all crews to the limits in creativity and production, no doubt. This production alternatives is the reason as to why sports behind closed doors has still been just as relevant and as enjoyable as it ever was before.

The ‘Watch Together’ initiative is another introductory feature by BT Sport, to provide all fans and viewers the ability to watch their favourite live sports with friends, family colleagues etc. Currently the service is just provided to BT Sport events only, yet due to the positive response the software has shown, it is expected to make a larger appearance across multiple sporting platforms like Sky Sports and BBC for example.

BT came to realise that the fun and entertainment does not need to end, just because of the social distancing measures that plagued out traditional social circles within sports. With all industries moving towards the internet and the power digitalisation, BT moved with just the same power and force. They also believed that if they could improve the viewer experience for the customers, this would in turn improve the overall experience altogether-which was very important.

 The Chief Operator at BT Sport decided to comment about the technological advances they have made during this pandemic. Jamie Hindhaugh said that the launch of all the products aim to bring the fans and lovers of sports to the core of the action. Not only does it evolve the traditional experience, but fans can connect and enjoy the moment with their friends and family, even if it isn’t from the sofa of your living room. The aim of this movement was to bring a first-class relationship between BT Sports and their fans. It is a service to the community, ensuring they do not miss out and sacrifice the things they love. ‘It really is exciting to offer this new service’ Hindhaugh commented. 

Match of the Day Innovations

Match of the day is available on the ‘Watch Together’ streaming service. With perfect realistic on-screen showcase of graphics, the 360 experience means the experience is even more live than it ever was before. This technology will renovate the history of live streaming-more than ever before. There is no possibility of going back from this. Just further improvement and innovations for the future. 

This initiative has allowed BT to collaborate with multiple companies in aid of streaming as much of sport as is possible for the time being. As everyone is hungry for the need of building their portfolios of what they can offer to customers and the audience in general. There is no doubt this will change sport forever. 

Currently BT have partnered with seven lots of vendors and developers, in aid of broadcasting. This process was essential to getting the scheme ‘Watch Together’ up and running in the littles time possible. The process of sourcing partners is very difficult, as not many companies are willing to invest their time and hopes into a technology they have not seen successful track records and statistics in terms of live viewing with. It was essential for BT Sport to sell their new innovation before it even hit the market; to sell something that has no live demonstrations is difficult, that is for sure. Yet once the potential partner envisioned the goals and ambitions with the new software, that itself was enough to source a majority of partners that were reached out to.

The Match of the day experience is the first secured partnership. This deal went ahead with BT’s EE 5G network, who also provided essential services such as the AR features for Premier League coverage. The included features provide a 360-degree viewing reality and introductory experience. The collaboration with Tiled Media is how the in-stadium cameras were provided for controlled access. In addition to this, BT Sport app provides fans with an access to virtual tours of where stadiums actually commence, in addition to player introductions and exclusive access to changing rooms and tunnel areas.

The CEO of Visualise, also a part of the BT Sport app experience, commented on how many years they have worked with EE, in aid of launching the latest 5G networks across a TV basis. They managed to introduce the 360-degree content to the app, via a portal doorway technology, which is a model of the stadium that allows players to build on their experience with the live match information that they decide to watch.

The CEO Stewert went on to further comment on how the reception and welcome from BT Sport, was the reason why they managed to build such huge solutions within a really short space of time. Despite the challenges that are faced to integrate such high tech Visualise technology within the app, having a BT Sport team that is willing to cooperate to huge lengths is a reason to the found new success. 

The feature is open and available to be built on, so Visualise made sure that the technology was as simple as possible, so that BT Sport can continuously update their application when necessary, via internal team developments. They left it a completely open book, so that Visualise would not need to return and do any updates themselves. BT Sport definitely went the right way of sourcing Visualise’s help in the development of their new app. 

Enhancing the viewers experience?

The technology is able to broadcast tournaments under an 8k quality and experience. The Premier league is the first to have the service deployed, in addition to the UEFA Champions League and the Rugby Union’s Premiership to follow. The changes are slowly being dripped into everyday broadcasts, in addition to the Watch Together function which is only currently available to EE customers and Apple TV packages, for the time being.

Sports fans and lovers will need to bide their time and wait for national release, due to access being quite limited as of yet. It has been discussed for future.

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