Most common sports to bet on

There has been consistent growth in the sports betting sector, which is now a trillion-dollar industry worldwide. Because of the massive scale of the gambling industry’s market, new betting sites are constantly being launched to get a piece of it. 

Betting is available on every sport imaginable, with the fastest expansion occurring in markets like eSports. While exact figures vary by country, the following sports consistently rank among the highest in wagering volume.

American Football

True to its name, American football has massive popularity worldwide. The National Football League (NFL) is the second most popular sport for gamblers at both legitimate and underground bookmakers. The Super Bowl is one of the most critical NFL events, and it attracted $4.76 billion in bets in 2020, including those placed both legally and illegally. An estimated 26.2 million people staked and wagered on the Super Bowl throughout the United States and the world.


When looking at sports’ overall popularity, basketball is among the toppers. Spread betting is the most common type of wager in basketball. Predicting whether or not one team will win by a certain margin is a necessary aspect of this. When a team is favored to win but playing against an underdog, betting on how much of a victory to expect is the most thrilling type of wager.

Horse Racing

One of the earliest forms of sports betting, and still one of the most popular today, was horse races. The massive sums of money up for grabs in horse races make them one of the most heavily attended and wagered-upon athletic events. It’s still a significant game on a global scale and one of the few sports with around-the-clock betting options. There are reputable sites where one can wager on horse racing today, such as Betway, along with other prominent sports.

Estimates put the annual value of wagering on horse races at more than €100 billion. Japan unexpectedly dominates the market, closely followed by the UK and Australia. 


The absence of draws in tennis matches makes it an ideal betting event for both novice and seasoned gamblers. Tennis betting options at reputable sites like Betway are plentiful and easy to understand. One of the most crucial is picking a winner in a tournament or match.

Betting successfully on tennis requires researching every player’s current and past tournament standings. Several players excel on grass courts, whereas others perform better on clay surfaces. It is possible to have a better idea of which team has a higher chance of winning any given match by reading the predictions and opinions of various commentators before making a bet on that match.

Soccer (Football) 

It’s no secret that European football is the most popular sport on the planet. Since this is the case, betting on this sport is by far the most common and fruitful of all possible wagers, especially if you are betting on trusted sites such as Betway. It’s easy to understand the odds and payouts for most wagers in football. 

Seasoned gamblers can wager on the frequency and timing of events like corner kicks, who will get sent off, and how many times yellow and red cards will be shown.


Betting on a sport you have a genuine interest in and follow regularly will automatically improve your odds of success, so pick the one you enjoy watching regularly. Don’t be afraid to use newsletters and other pertinent stats from specialized sports betting companies to improve your wagering operations. 

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