New website launched for rugby supporters’ trust

A new website has been launched for WISSL, a supporters’ trust for fans of Widnes Vikings rugby league club.

JDG Sport was asked to produce the website, which can be accessed at, to provide up to date information about WISSL’s activities and to provide information and transparency about its operation.

Built using the WordPress platform, it enables anyone within the trust to easily access and update the website. It comes following similar work on the website. It also includes a members section with interactive features so that members can vote and offer their opinion and feedback on the issues that the trust deals with.

JDG MD, James Gordon, said: “As a Widnes fan myself, I have had an association with WISSL (formerly Trust in Widnes) since 2005 when I was the editor of the Gerrin’ to ’em fanzine.

“Having also been involved with Supporters Direct, I know the importance of having a properly run and formulated supporters’ trust and a website is the best way for WISSL to communicate this in the modern age.

“I’m pleased with the final result and it gives a good platform for the trust to build upon in the future.”

WISSL committee member Liz Hindley said: “James has been invaluable in helping the development of our new Widnes Independent Supporters Society Limited (WISSL) website, we often find it difficult to fully explain what is important for a Supporters Trust but this wasn’t our experience with James.

“The new website will be multi-functional and we have worked with James to identify how best to structure the content and set out the layout.

“He has not been phased by any of our requests and had said he will investigate many of the options for members only areas, survey tools to help us ask members their opinion on activities.

“James has throughout been knowledgable , supportive and positive about getting the website operating in all the ways that we require.”

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