Partnership with 9gc strengthened

JDG Media and 9gc are pleased to announce a strengthening of their partnership for 2011, starting with the launch of the new 9gc website.

The two companies co-own the popular British Ice Hockey website, and this has resulted in a number of joint projects under the BIH banner, offering a range of web and media services to ice hockey clubs.

Under the partnership, JDG Media has developed official websites for Newcastle Vipers, Bracknell Bees and TDC Northern Stars on a platform which enables efficient management of club websites, with 9gc tasked with pushing the service out to clubs.

Meanwhile, 9gc has headed the BIH media and PR service, generating and distributing regular press releases for the Vipers, Sheffield Steelers and Edinburgh Capitals to help promote the sport and gain exposure for those clubs.

The respective company owners, James Gordon and Gareth Chalmers, will continue to work with sports clubs throughout 2011, offering a range of services across the two businesses.

James said: “The working partnership Gareth and I have shared over the past 12 has been hugely successful, and the way we work compliments each other to an extent that it makes sense to strengthen our ties and try and gain future partnerships together. JDG Media is looking to grow and expand, gain more contacts and more sport clients, and this is very much achievable working alongside the likes of 9gc. The services we offer are often underestimated parts of a sporting organisation, but our vast knowledge of the field enables us to do the right things at the right times for all of our clients.”

JDG Media is also soon to launch the new 9 Management website, one of 9gc’s core businesses, covering player management.

9gc’s Gareth said: “I originally approached James to design and implement a new online presence for the Newcastle Vipers while helping grow the British Ice Hockey website from what it was at that time. From there our working relationship developed as explored new business opportunities that we’d created through the work carried out initially. Through the 9gc and JDG Media partnership, we’ve highlighted a number of niche markets that we can build both businesses around and hopefully expand and grow with in the future.”

If any clubs are interested in our sports website system and media services, be it within ice hockey or elsewhere, they should contact or call 01925 555519.

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