Making the most of Twitter

Part of the challenge of being active on social networks, is managing your time on them efficiently so they don’t become a hindrance to every day work.

But in this particular case, being active on Twitter actually benefited business and brought in one of JDG Media’s benchmark clients.

In the past six months, my activity on Twitter has increased greatly as I have increased the frequency of my updates, the majority centering around sporting issues. My live tweeting from games has also captured the imagination of some followers, and it is these experiences that I use to shape strategies for clients.

Although I take an interest in most sport, my tweets often centre around rugby league, football and ice hockey, with a sprinkling of Formula 1 and snooker thrown in.

I then received a tweet asking me if I followed basketball at all, and this led to being invited down to a game, between Mersey Tigers and Essex Pirates at the ECHO Arena.

After taking in the game, I sent my thoughts and feedback to the contact, Alex, who does some work with the club. Impressed with what I had to say, this was passed on to the club’s owner, and a few meetings later, JDG Media was on board with the Tigers heading their media operation.

So while some organisations are still dismissing Facebook and Twitter as annoyances, it is important to embrace them for what they are. And if you can get in to the habit of using them well, and more importantly efficiently, then it could well lead to the opening of a few doors.

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