Placement students full of praise for JDG Media

Throughout the summer, JDG Media has provided placement and intern opportunities for a number of aspiring journalists.

Students from the University of Chester and the University of Central Lancashire, as well as college students from local schools and colleges, have spent time in the office, gaining real-time experience within a digital media company.

They have been tasked with producing content, managing websites and generally gaining experience of working as part of a team that produces live content for a range of websites.

James Gordon, JDG Media Managing Director, said: “The placement opportunities afforded to me when I was studying proved invaluable when it came to landing my first job out of university, and building the contacts base that enabled me to start the business.

“Providing opportunities to current students and graduates is something the business prides itself in, enabling the most outstanding candidates to potentially create themselves a job within a small and growing evnvironment.”

All placements have been reviewed in a positive fashion, and some of the quotes are shown below.

To be able to feel like a valued member of a proper media team working together to produce content for websites.

It is a very well-run business, organised and constantly looking for new ways in which to expand and improve their reputation.

Despite there being a small number of staff a lot of work seems to get done and from what I have seen everyone that has worked with JDG Media has had a pleasant experience dealing with them.

I have learnt many skills during my placement with JDG Media, the most notable being the ability to prepare and execute a phone interview and make several news articles out of the answers, the ability to write a news article on unfamiliar sports to a high standard and personally publish my own work on the JDG Media websites.

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