Sports betting and gambling: Hobby or Addiction?

Online gambling and betting have grown exponentially over the last decade. What seemed like a rarity in the early 2000s now is one of the most popular ways of playing casino games. You can find many online casinos nowadays to play your favourite games. In fact, if you are based in the land down under, you will find new Australian online casinos popping up all over the place.

Every country has their own national gaming regulator, such as the Australian Gaming Council. They are responsible for granting (or denying) gaming licenses to operators who request them. 

To obtain their license, gambling houses must meet a series of requirements. There are usually two, in particular, to which the given association pays a lot of attention: that license applicants actively promote responsible gambling in moderation and that they can guarantee safe gambling to their users.

Sports betting, online casino or online bingo sites can provide you with a series of incentives. Of course, you will receive a payout if you make a wager that wins, whether that be on a horse, a roulette game, or a video slot, but there’s more than that. For many players, it is about the thrill of uncertainty or the opportunity to channel their competitive side. Gambling can give you great moments; however, following some guidelines like the ones exposed in this article is advisable to enjoy the game healthily.

Play for fun?

The first thing you should ask yourself is why you play. For example, do you play for adding a bit of extra excitement while you watch your favourite sports or do you want to increase your income?

In any case, keep in mind that you can only make a living from betting in exceptional cases, so you must be perfectly clear that sports betting is not a life project or investment.

There are many celebrities that gamble regularly, both in casinos and in sports. They are often seen throwing down big wagers, but this should always be put into the context of the fact that they are usually very wealthy, and have a high dispensable income. 

If you are going to play regularly, some organizations suggest that you establish a monthly budget. This should be an amount that you can afford to lose and will be comfortable with. You should never, under any circumstances, spend more in a month than you have budgeted for.

Gamble the winnings

When you have decided on your budget, it will be time to set your profit cap. This means that when you reach that profit limit, you must withdraw the amount corresponding to your monthly budget from your deposit, leaving only the money you have earned in your casino or sports betting account. With that money, you will bet during the rest of the month. 


There is a tool that is essential to get profitability from your bets: the cash-out. The latter is the closing of a bet before it ends, implying two things; firstly, the house will offer you less money than you would receive if the bet had been won after the end of a game. If you accept it, the bet will be considered closed. However, cash-outs are a popular tool among sports bettors because it allows them to lock in a profit or limit a loss when they think the game could turn (or go further) against them. 

Do not be afraid of abusing the cash-out; you will be consolidating profits. Sometimes you will miss out on a little money, but many other times, you will turn into a profit what would have otherwise ended up as a loss. And to make bets profitable, there is nothing like winning and adding up, even if it is little by little.

It’s a game so let’s have fun

Gambling is like many other things in our daily lives. You can get addicted to watching shows or TV. or playing video games. So, life is always about balance. 

Some people may consider gambling a hobby or a night out plan; others may feel the same about video games and never become addicted. 

It always varies from person to person. Once a wise man said: the key is to do a little of everything. 


Online casinos, sports betting and any other form of betting are something to make our lives more interesting. We must be in a mindset to keep it that way. That said, betting sites really look after their players and offer tools to avoid ruining this wonderful game.

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