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The Covid-19 outbreak caused most of the sports to a halt in 2020 but some still kept going despite it all and bettors were happy to find something to wager on. We have a list here of some sports that became possible pandemic:

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  1. Table Tennis

One of the competitive games that kept running is table tennis. A regulation table was used nearly 9 feet long to give players more than 6 feet of separation. Table tennis leagues like Moscow Liga Pro continued hosting tournaments for countries like Belarus, Brazil, China, and the Czech Republic with little or no adjustments.

Although the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) stopped their sanctioned tournaments in response to the pandemic, the Eastern European league still holds a firm grip on the emerging table tennis betting market. These competitions include:

  • Moscow Liga Pro
  • Setka Cup
  • Win Cup

The majority of the Moscow Liga Pro matched take place from undisclosed locations to prevent anyone from contacting the athletes and to prevent fraud.

  1. Basketball

Basketball has been an all-time favorite sport of most sports lovers and has been played for many years from anywhere in the world.  NBA playoffs provide entertainment for basketball fans and sports bettors.

Bets Available:

  • Bets on individual games

Individual games offer the same options such as selecting the winner of the game straight-up (Moneyline), betting on how much they’ll win by (point spread), or taking an over/under wager on the combined score of both teams at the game’s end (totals).

  • Bets on NBA Playoff Series Outcomes

The NBA playoffs are organized into four rounds: The Opening Round, Conference Semi-Finals, the Eastern Conference and Western Conference Championships, and finally the NBA Championships. Each betting opportunity depends upon availability throughout the regular season.

  • Futures bets on the Conference Championships and NBA Championships

It provides an intriguing opportunity to take advantage of such predictions, and the NBA playoffs include chances to bet on both conference champions and the overall NBA champion. Most sportsbooks will open these futures lines in advance of the playoffs, but it’s not too late to get in on the action even as the playoffs come to a close.

  • Bets on individual player performances and awards

A “proposition bet” is a bet made regarding the occurrence or non-occurrence during a game of an event not directly affecting the game’s outcome. Prop bets offer an alternative to betting on the outcome of a game, series, or championship. Star players are more influential in basketball compared with most other major sports, and many players turn on their best performances during the post-season. This reality makes the NBA playoffs an especially exciting time to wager on individual performances.


  1. Football

Betting on the NFL has become nearly as popular as watching the game itself. Millions of people worldwide enjoy wagering on the game. The following are the guide on betting on this sport:

  • Point Spreads

Betting “against the spread” is the famous way to wager on football. Football games are rarely perfect match-ups, and the spread is the sportsbooks’ way of leveling the playing field. To win a point spread bet or “cover the spread,” the favored team not only has to win the game – they must do so by a specified number of points (the spread).


  • Totals

When betting on the “total,” you are no longer concerned with which team will win the game. Instead, your focus is strictly on how many points will be scored overall. You may also hear this type of bet referred to as “over-under betting.”

Horse Betting

Horse betting isn’t complicated as other sports. Place your bet, take your ticket if you didn’t win. If you win, take your ticket after the game and claim your prize money. However, there are various ways to bet:

  • Place Bets

Place wagering means second. You are betting on a horse to finish second. However, if the horse wins, you also get paid. Since it is easier to guess a horse that might finish first or second instead of just first, the payouts for betting place are usually half or less than what they would be on a winning bet.


  • Straight Bets

There are three types of straight, or straightforward horse racing bets. They are pretty simple and a great way to begin betting on ponies.

  • Show Bets

A horse that shows is the third-place finisher. Similar to place betting, if you bet your horse to show you will make a profit if he or she finishes first, second, or third. Payouts tend to be very low.

  • Win Bets

Betting to win means choosing the horse that crosses the finish line first. Regardless of what type of bet you make, picking the winner is paramount to having success betting on horses.

The world of sports betting offers a lot of opportunities for those who know how to play for the neophytes.

Image: “Women’s World Cup Table Tennis” by cm.yong is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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