The Great Showdown: Gambling vs Sports Betting

The prominence and rise of sports betting and gambling has been exponential in recent times, with the global betting industry moving into a whole new sphere over the past decade or so.

A huge part of the success and financial impetus that has been felt in the world of gambling and sport betting has been brought about by the increase in online platforms available to users, moving away from traditional bricks and mortar gambling vices and now being able to participate from the comfort of their own homes.

Innovation has moved beyond that too, with both gambling and sports betting readily available for players, with mobile action now a huge part of the industry, handing even more convenience over to the customer.

Beyond the surface level of gambling or sports betting as basic entities, divisions have begun to form within this world – with these two seemingly similar pastimes, now finding nuances and new ways to attract new players into having a flutter.

Cut from the Same Cloth

As mentioned, to the ill-informed, both sports betting and gambling are ostensibly the same thing and whilst elements of that are true, there are some key differences that set each endeavour apart.

Similarities such as seeking out promotional activity or betting sites or casinos that accept bank transfers, or e-wallets, are common themes that run through both the premise of gambling and sports betting.

However, whilst they are cut from the same cloth, gambling and sports betting are not the same thing and those who partake in both pastimes seek different ways of making them work for them, in order to suit their interests and their budgets.

Informed decision making

One of the standout differences between gambling and sports betting is the concept of decision making. Invariably, gambling in its purest form gives punters the chance to take part in a probability or luck based activity.

Whether it be gambling on which number will come up next on a roulette game or gambling on the turn of a slot wheel, punters have the control out of their hands and are gambling on particular outcomes.

Of course, there are elements of probability and skill involved but the concept of gambling revolves around losing control and hoping to gain it back when the result comes in.

Sports betting however works to a slightly different ideology, with players betting on which player or team they believe will achieve a particular outcome in any given sporting scenario.

Control is once again lost, once the bet has been placed, as there are a multitude of factors to consider in any sports bet placed, from weather to opposition, to referees to individual form – there are many variables.

However, the decision making in sports betting is generally more informed, as punters will place a bet on a sporting outcome based on how they perceive the sporting fixture to pan out – rather than gambling in a more probability and luck based sphere.

Thrilling action

Whilst the differences between the actual activities punted on and the way in which bettors go about it differ hugely between gambling and sports betting, where the two sphere dovetail is in the ever developing world of engagement and entertainment.

Betting on sport and having a gamble are both thrilling activities, with the potential to return significant financial windfalls for every punter, regardless of their betting aspirations.

Both gambling and sports betting provide ebbs and flows, as well as fascinating narratives for players to buy into, another element that has propelled the global betting industry to stratospheric heights.

Responsible play

Whilst it hasn’t always been the case, there is now a clear and conscious effort from sports betting and gambling providers to ensure that the welfare of the players involved is at the forefront of their thinking.

The near miss addiction culture, where players come close to winning, so pursue a victory even more vehemently is an epidemic in the world of betting and it is prevalent in both gambling and sports betting in equal measure.

Staying responsible with finances, betting within budget and not chasing any losses are key facets both industries are looking to push and increasingly, gambling and sports betting are moving closer together as viable options for all levels of punter.

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