Altrincham Ice Dome

Ground #33  |  Home to Manchester Storm  |  Capacity: 2150  |  Opened in March 2007

However, it now appears to be staying on a permanent basis, albeit with some development itself. The rink structure is effectively a flat-pack, and was constructed in Finland.

It is very well located, right next to Altrincham bus and train stations, which also services the Metrolink into Manchester. There is also a fairly sizeable car park right next to the rink, and ample street parking across the road.

There are two entrances to the rink – one for guests and season ticket holders, and one for paying on the gate (on the right). The fee for adults these days is £15 (although you can save £1 by booking in advance). It can get congested close to face-off so far, simply because they often only have one of the two windows open for purchasing tickets.

Inside the rink, there are 2000 seats – elevated above the ice in a horseshoe shape. I like sitting behind the goal at hockey, but was put off by the netting that’s in place to protect you from the puck. It’s something that differs person to person – but I can’t cope with it for the full game!

The sight lines aren’t the best at the Ice Dome. One side of the horseshoe hangs over the ice slightly, meaning you can’t see about a third of one side of the ice, although you can at least see both the goals.

There are plasma screens in place at the bottom of every block, although ice hockey isn’t the greatest sport to follow on TV!

On one side of the rink, there is a refreshments stand, which offers plenty of hot food choice. There are also vending machines for drinks and snacks.

I tend to sit in block 16, with away fans usually reserved block 17. I find this gives me a good vantage point between the home and away fans.

Over the years, have seen plenty of dramas at the Ice Dome. One of my first games was delayed considerably by a power cut at the end of the first period. I’ve seen a game finished early and decided by a penalty shoot-out due to poor ice quality, and puddles of water have often caused delays at games following the use of the Zamboni in period breaks.

I was present at the Ice Dome’s first ever sell out, for a play-off match against Sheffield Steelers. Absolutely electric atmosphere. The beauty of barns like this, is that the atmosphere can be electric. However, the Phoenix have struggled to pull in large numbers, although the atmosphere can still be generated even if half full.

As my most local rink (at least until the Widnes rink opened in 2013), it’s been my home of hockey and a place I enjoy visiting. Good location, good atmosphere and good facilities – just a shame about the sight lines!

Location Details

Altrincham Ice Dome
Silver Blades, Oakfield Rd
WA15 8EW

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Games Attended Here

1368 30/03/2022 Manchester Storm 0-3 Sheffield Steelers
1353 11/02/2022 Manchester Storm 4-2 Nottingham Panthers
1220 28/12/2019 Manchester Storm 3-4 Sheffield Steelers
1215 06/12/2019 Manchester Storm 5-6 OT Glasgow Clan
1213 24/11/2019 Manchester Storm 4-5 Nottingham Panthers
1195 14/09/2019 Manchester Storm 1-2 Nottingham Panthers
803 17/02/2016 Manchester Storm 3-4 Sheffield Steelers
800 06/02/2016 Manchester Storm 5-2 Dundee Stars
796 30/01/2016 Manchester Storm 8-5 Edinburgh Capitals
782 20/12/2015 Manchester Storm 2-5 Nottingham Panthers
777 21/11/2015 Manchester Storm 4-6 Braehead Clan
775 15/11/2015 Manchester Storm 2-6 Cardiff Devils
773 08/11/2015 Manchester Storm 1-2p Belfast Giants
752 02/09/2015 Manchester Storm 2-4 Sheffield Steelers
687 27/12/2014 Manchester Phoenix 2-6 Telford Tigers
534 31/03/2013 Manchester Phoenix 7-2 Bracknell Bees
521 06/01/2013 Manchester Phoenix 5-2 Milton Keynes Lightning
517 02/12/2012 Manchester Phoenix 3-4 Slough Jets
514 28/10/2012 Manchester Phoenix 7-1 Bracknell Bees
511 23/09/2012 Manchester Phoenix 3-1 Telford Tigers
454 10/11/2011 Manchester Phoenix 1-4 Sheffield Steeldogs
453 30/10/2011 Manchester Phoenix 2-5 Basingstoke Bison
452 23/10/2011 Manchester Phoenix 5-3 Bracknell Bees
451 16/10/2011 Manchester Phoenix 3-4 Slough Jets
407 25/03/2011 Manchester Phoenix 5-2 Swindon Wildcats
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