Kingsley 10-0 Crosfields

Crosfields travelled to Frodsham to play Kingsley for the second time this season. Top of the league Kingsley to dominated the game from start to finish.

The Crosfields defence played well at times but lack of concentration at vital time proved important. Crosfields are still searching for their first points of the season and are finding it really hard to score. The pitch didn’t exactly help them either with both teams struggling with the ball getting stuck in the mud on numerous occasions. Crosfields were robbed of some goalscoring opportunities when the ball held up and they were really unlucky not to score any goals at all.

Overall you could tell that Kingsley were top of the league and didn’t seem to struggle that much with the mud. This game was similar to the game at Crosfields before Christmas and both matches ended with the same score-line. I doubt if Crosfields will play Kingsley next season in the league because it looks like Kingsley power with take them into the top division. It wasn’t really a fair contest with Kingsley brimming with confidence. Crosfields let their heads go down when their opponents go four or five goals in front. A wasted journey in the end and Crosfields will have to do better if they are to gain any points this season. Final score Kingsley 10, Crosfields 0.

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