Vulcan 14-0 Crosfields

In this first round cup match Vulcan defeated Crosfields in a game which was switched from Hood Manor Recreation Ground to Vulcan Village Park. Despite the defeat Crosfields remained in cup competition as all the first round losers go into an Auxiliary Cup Competition.

In the first half Crosfields were outplayed by Vulcan who’s strong centre forward scored six. Most of the goals came from balls from the right as Crosfields left Matthew Chapman had a torrid time. Vulcan went in at half time with an eleven goal lead. In the second half Crosfields changed things round a bit by putting their pacy left winger James Gordon to left back and replacing Matthew Chapman with Carl McLean. McLean battled well in midfield and snuffed out some dangerous attacks but even when Vulcan went past him Daniel French the Crosfields captain was always there.

Even if French was passed sweeper Mark Sherlock would tidy up and of course behind him was Crosfields star of the season Stuart Hitchen, the goalkeeper. Most of Vulcan’s attacks down the right were broken down by James Gordon who matched Vulcan’s right-winger for pace and intercepted some vital passes and crosses. Vulcan, who had switched their six-goal centre forward to centre-half, only managed three goals in the whole of the second half to come out 14-0 victors. Crosfields battled well and maybe if their opponents hadn’t been from a higher division and without a powerhouse up front Crosfields grit and determination might have won them the game.

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