Building trust in the media – when you’re kept in the dark

Over the course of the Easter weekend, we learnt of a big story in the Elite League.

Milton Keynes Lightning and another club, who I won’t name here, were to join the top level of British Ice Hockey for the 2017/18 season.

We drafted several versions of the story while the sources were verified (which they were), and myself and our digital content editor Michael Black debated the best course of action.

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RLWC2013 Press Conference

St Helens ban live streaming of press conferences – are they right?

There’s been a storm brewing over press conferences in rugby league for a while.

Following the opening game of the Super League season on Thursday night, St Helens issued a statement saying that live streaming and Periscoping of their press conferences is not permitted, ahead of their own opener at home to Huddersfield.

“The conferences are for press to grab their copy for their deadlines – sending out the full conference live effectively trumps all those that are there”

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Why clubs shouldn’t run separate match day accounts

It’s a bit like your first team training at the stadium all week and then playing their games at the training ground. It wouldn’t happen.

And neither should live match coverage only club Twitter accounts.

Whether you’re Manchester United or Mossley FC, match days are your golden goose. They are the times that we waste all our weeks talking about, and the times we wish days away so that they come sooner.

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The journalism churning circle

The growth of digital and online journalism is a quandary that nobody has really solved.

The UK’s biggest newspaper, The Sun, went behind a paywall in 2013 and recently came back out of it, no doubt down to the fact that they were being largely ignored given the amount of free alternatives.

It is perhaps different for quality newspapers, such as The Times, who can at least point to publishing more investigative and in-depth articles, rather than “minor celebrity nip slip” stories which of course are picked up by every man and his dog once the Mail Online runs with it.

As a student in 2006, online journalism was still in its infancy. Nobody really knew how it was going to affect the industry.

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